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Morey's Choice:

Some of my favorite spots on the web - from soft erotica to extreme bondage and fetish.


I find "real girls" really sexy - you know, the kind of girl you're actually likely to meet and fall in love with, who normally doesn't do nude photos. Abby Winters has a great site with lots of cute "normal" Australian girls - all nude and some very explicit (including the best girl/girl movies I've ever seen) I made a "guest gallery" - take a look and see if you don't agree: AW Gallery



I have no idea why it's called Michelle 7. I'll have to ask. But if you like fine art nudes, both classic and erotic, this site has a huge collection. Lots of black & white and lots of photographers you may not have heard of before. It's another labor of love - operated by a guy who just adores nudes and erotica. They have monthly exhibits (some of my own work too) and they help photographers promote new books and other worthwhile projects - go take a look


Ron Harris

Where does he find these girls? You'll be asking that very question, I promise you. I never heard of Ron Harris until recently (I live in a cave) but he's apparently responsible for about half of all the well lit, luscious Malibu beauties on the web, both stills and videos. He must have a dozen sites, but I'm only going to send you to the main one - from there you can find every possible variation of perfect slippery Southern California hardbody you could want. Bon Appetit!
Training of O

Wired Pussy

Simons Scans

Ken Marcus

Watch 4 Beauty

Ultimate Surrender

Maybe you've seen bikini mudwrestling or a cute sorority pillow fight and you thought, "OK, kinda fun, but so much better if they were really naked, and really fighting!" Well, is your dream site. Not only do they really wrestle naked, but they like to take it further, if you know what I mean, and I think you do...

Fking Machines



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